Season 21 – Colin’s bit


I’ve mentioned before that I became a fan during the end of Tom’s time and become a avid viewer with Peter’s era but I think it’s the Colin Baker years that turned me into a rabid fan. I was virtually 9 when The Twin Dilemma aired and 10 for his first full season and I think that was the perfect age for those stories.
I’ve also mentioned before that I don’t like stories I think are boring and that’s certainly not a word you can use for any of Colin’s stories. Like Tom and Patrick before him he is always watchable and intresting regardless of the story.
As for the costume I think looking at it now it was a bit of a mistake for all the obvious reasons people including Colin have stated but back in 1984/5 I had no problem with it and neither did others of my age, in fact I quite remember liking it!
The story itself is one I enjoy and it always baffles me why it ranks so lowly. The Jaconda story is good and Azmael is a nice character performed well. The Doctor is clearly struggling with his regeneration which is far more believable than just shrugging and getting on with things. The decision to make him a bit more abrubt and alien is the perfect contrast to Peter’s Doctor.
I hope that Colin’s recent DWM interview and the following twitter conversation will lead more fans to forget what they’ve heard and reevaluate this wonderful era.

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