Season 21 mostly


Season 21 is a great season. Peter Davison has really got into his stride and I think it’s a shame he left when he did as I do think even just one more series would’ve been enough to overcome the long shadow of Tom Baker which seemed to loom over the three short Doctor reigns of the eighties.
Warriors of the Deep isn’t a bad story but clearly made on the cheap and overlit with a silly pantomine horse for the monster but it does rattle along nicely.
The Awakening is next and on their third attempt the production team have perfected the 45 minute story. This is one I never tire of, good characters who are well acted and a good monster all taking place in a good setting.  One of the people I follow on twitter commented that they wish we’d had a few 45 min stories in the next season and I do agree
Frontios comes next and is another favourite of mine. The last remnants of humanity struggling against magnetic insects. Everyone making it seems to be pulling in the same direction to make the best story they can.
Resurrection of the Daleks is the season equivalent of a summer blockbuster, its mindless enjoyable fun and The Daleks appear more menacing than in Destiny and Davros is much more in line with his orginal apperance. This also sees Tegan depart after three years and I did warm to her after finding her quite unbearable for the first year. It’s also refreshing to see a companion leave because she can’t stand the violence anymore.
Planet of Fire sees everyone remember Kamelion’s been in a cupboard for the season (god knows how he coped in Frontios! ) and pick Peri up while revealing Turlough’s origin and killing The Master off, it’s a wonder they get a halfway decent story out of it. I have to say I think The Master looks better in a suit and is actually menacing in this story. Shame he’s reduced to a comic foil for the next few apperances.
The Fifth Doctor bows out with Caves of Androzani, one of the best stories the show has done. Robert Holmes writes a cracking script full of great characters thrust into a awful situation and very appropriately Peter’s Doctor sacrifices his life for one friend he barely knows with his last thought being of the one friend he couldn’t save.
Peter’s Doctor was a breath of fresh air and the perfect contrast to Tom’s domineering incarnation.  Just a pity his era has been so brief.

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