The F Word


I’ve been following the Colin Baker/Dr Who Magazine conversation on twitter over the last few days with interest.
I enjoyed the Colin interview and his views on favourites and why he dosen’t like to see a full list which by its nature highlights what is least favourite.  These views are obviously coloured by the fact that over the last thirty years his Doctor and many of his stories are put at the bottom of such polls.
I can sympathise as I love his era and hate continually seeing stories I like panned (sometimes just because of where they sit in the shows history I think).
Now I’m as guilty as others in using the F Word as anyone who read my post about Pyramids of Mars knows and I would’ve probably used it in my Season 22 blog but all that’s in the context of my personal thoughts on the stories.
Ofcourse after printing the interview a few pages later we get the annual season survey with its full list of favourite to least favourite and I must admit when reading it I found myself thinking “poor Forest of the Night” looking at its bottom placing and thinking Colin was right.
Colin has spoke on twitter about his dismay that the survey is printed in same issue and I fear we won’t be seeing another interview for a long time. I don’t think this was intentional on the magazine’s part and in fairness they’ve done season surveys in this format since they started. Tom Spilsbury (the editor) has also gone on twitter and is genuinely upset by all of this. Like Colin he is a lovely guy who always has time for us fans and treats us with respect.
As for Favourite Doctor I always say your first holds a special place as he’s the one who drew you in and if pushed you would use the F Word for him by a slight margin but the other 11 are all joint second for me
To close I urge you all to watch or rewatch Colin’s stories with a open mind. They are full of cool concepts and Colin is a brilliant Doctor.

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