The Five Doctors


The 20th anniversary was a great time to be a fan. I was 8 at the time and was very excited for it. I read and reread the Radio Times so much it was already falling apart by the end of November!
By this time my parents had split so we often spent weekends with my Dad who lived on the opposite side of Bristol, this particular Friday the special aired I’d made him ensure we got back to his house by the time it started which we just about did.
I sat enthralled for 90 minutes loving seeing the old doctors and feeling the Hartnell impression was good (I’d only seen the first story at this time to compare), it was great seeing all the old monsters and companions.
As it finished my Dad said he had a surprise for me and produced the target novelisation (it had been mistakenly released early), he hadn’t wanted to give it before incase I read it. Needless to say as we didn’t have a video then I think I read the book twice over that weekend!
I’ve just rewatched the story as part of my Whoathon and still love it. It’s the perfect anniversary story,  a simple plot and everyone gets something to do and it feels like a Dr Who Greatest Hits which is completely appropriate.  Just a complete joy to watch.



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