Season 20


Season 20 is the season where continuity starts to take over, something I think is a mistake to do especially if it is just there for the sake of it.
Arc of Infinity is up first and we get a intriguing first episode setting up the plot well and it’s nice to be Tegan free, Nyssa may be a little bland but she works well with Davison’s Doctor. Having said that Tegan is a better character this season. The story rattles along but is a bit forgettable.
Snakedance is second and this is a great story full of great well written characters acted well. The whole society is sketched out well, such a shame the writer never contributed again.
Mawdryn Undead sees the return of The Black Guardian complete with stupid bird stuck to his head! The story is another average one saved by the performances and the nostalgia of seeing The Brigadier again. The idea of a companion wanting to kill The Doctor is a good one though and Turlough is a improvement on Adric.
Terminus is next and it’s a story I like (not a popular opinion I know) , theres a good script with interesting ideas though they should’ve dirtied The Garm up so he didn’t look so cuddly! Nyssa’s departure is handled well and we get to see some emotion between her and The Doctor making them seem like real characters for once. especially as in all likelihood she won’t live very long after.
Enlightenment is a real highlight, it looks great still and again has a good set of actors that are playing  good characters. Fiona Cumming is a underrated director, Her skills are matched to the right scripts which doesn’t always happen during the show.
The King’s Demons finishes the season prematurely (because of strikes) and is a nice little story though again we have The Master in a stupid disguise for no good fictional reason. Dr Who always do period stories well and like other stories this season the actors are doing good stuff with what they are given.

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