Season 19


Season 19 feels so fresh with Peter Davison at the helm. I love Tom Baker’s Doctor but he felt invincible as The Doctor so the change is good, there are moments in this series you can’t imagine working with Tom. The only downside is Adric, he becomes a whiny idiot and dosen’t work as well with Peter’s Doctor as he did with Tom. Perhaps it was the plan so you don’t mind when he becomes flying mince later on!
Castrovalva  kicks things off and we get a nice precredit rerun of the regeneration before we get into the story which sees The Doctor suffering from regeneration which gives Tegan and Nyssa the chance to helm the first episode.  The story perks up once on Castrovlava which is a intresting concept, here for once The Master’s disguise makes sense as he knows The Doctor is coming.
Four to Doomsday follows and is a very formulaic but strangely enjoyable yet forgettable story and it’s easy to see why it was filmed first to settle Davison in.
Kinda is next. A lovely script acted and directed well, just a pity it’s studio bound and the big evil plastic snake at the end is terrible,  if you watch the dvd then I highly recommend always turning the new CGI option on. Probably my favourite of the season.
The Vistation is a lovely traditional story that could easily fit in any era. There are well charactised monsters and its a story that rattles along.
Black Orchid is a pleasant little interlude as The Doctor plays cricket and Agatha Christie.
Earthshock is next and we get a cracking action story with a suspenseful first episode with a hell of a body count and the wonderful cliffhanger reveal that had everyone jumping out of their seats in 1982 with the new look Cybermen. It rattles along nicely though dosen’t bear too many repeat viewings. Then we get Adric’s death which was really stunning at the time, it was so unexpected. Also anyone with the dvd make sure you watch Episode 5, it still amuses me.
The season should’ve ended there but instead we get the most dire and boring story with Time Flight. The opening scenes are just silly with Adric’s death being glossed over and forgotten quickly. Surely they should’ve just set the story a few months later if his death’s aftermath wasn’t going to be part of the story. We also get The Master turned into a pantomine villan dressing up for no good reason. I called this story boring and to me that’s the worst thing a show can be and it’s a shame a good season ends so poorly.

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