That trailer and wonderful fans


We had the trailer for the next series of Doctor Who last night and I’ve loved seeing the reactions on twitter.
In a previous post I mentioned removing all the out and out nasty Moffat-haters to  improve my twitter experience and this was the first time something major Who related has happened since and what a joy!
I still have people on my twitter who aren’t fond of the show’s current direction but they restrict their criticisms to the show, don’t mind others liking it and can talk about other stuff too! They are always great to chat to and it’s always good to hear different viewpoints.
The wonderful aftereffects of the trailers is a lot of people now  excited for the new series and I’ve heard quite a few fan theories.
Glad I stuck with twitter and equally glad I removed the small (but vocal
) hater minority
Also I’m very jealous of anyone who was at SDCC yesterday, it looked so much fun and it’s been great seeing everyone’s pics.

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