Season 17


Season 17 is a joy to watch, it’s just fun and though I know it’s not popular with the more po-faced sections of fandon but these stories always cheer me up.
Destiny of the Daleks starts things off and it’s quite a intresting story as the Daleks appear to have become fully robotic and realise they’ve gone too far. There’s some wonderful direction on show here and we get the debut of Lalla Ward as the new Romana, a shame we didn’t get a regeneration scene with Mary Tamm but we still get the fun trying on bodies scene.
City of Death is next and it’s  easily the wittiest Dr Who story. There’s some good script concepts too and everyone acts wonderfully not making the mistake of playing for the laughs. Scaroth actually looks reasonably ok too. Perhaps its tge Paris scenes but this story dosen’t look quite as cheap as the others.
Creature from the Pit is probably the most average of the season but I like the acting and it rattles along but  will probably be remembered for the monster and Tom blowing!
Nightmare of Eden is quite a dark story and would probably be hailed as a classic if it was made a few years before or even a year later. Drugs isn’t a issue the show’s really dealt with and certainly not shown the effects. The idea of the monster being the drug transported in a VR machine is a great idea spoiled by them looking cuddly and non threataning and I’m not even mentioning Tryst’s awful accent!
Horns of the Nimon prematurely closes the season and I really enjoy this one. Romama is the lead character while The Doctor mucks around. It’s just unbridled fun and a joy to watch everyone go OTT.
The season should have ended with Shada but strikes meant it was cancelled but we have the video/dvd release with Tom narrating the missing segments (I like to think this is The Curator recounting a old adventure,  maybe to Osgood, just to make all the Moffat haters heads explode!! )
It’s a decent story and hard to judge without all of it and obviously its mystique was built up by its absence. 

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