Season 16


Season 16 is the Key to Time season and also introduces Romana. It’s a much watched season.
Ribos Operation kicks things off and the first scene with The White Guardian does so with style leading into meeting Romana.  There’s a instant chemistry between her and The Doctor and their scenes are always riveting. Ribos is full of great characters as to be expected from Robert Holmes.
The Pirate Planet follows and is the first script from Douglas Adams and is one of my favourites.  The Captain is a wonderfully OTT character and the story is so imaginative.
The Stones of Blood starts off as a throwback to the Hinchcliffe era with black magic cults and killer stones. Another great story and Professor Rumford is a wonderful character who I’d have loved to see carry on in the show. Her and Tom are great together, there’s not many who can upstage Tom!
The Androids of Tara is the Prisoner of Zenda homage and is another cracking story full of good performances and nice moments. The location footage looks splendid too, a nice change from quarry pits.
Power of Kroll is filling the cheap slot and unfortunately it shows in places. The green makeup on the aliens makes them look distinctive but sadly there’s not much character to them. It’s a by the numbers Dr Who story that is just average.
The Armageddon Factor finishes the season off and unfortunately theres a good four parter stretched over six episodes. The performances are strong and the story is enjoyable,  The Shadow is suitably menacing and the stakes feel high. Making the key segment a person is a good idea too.
I also must add here that the dvd commentaries with Tom and Mary Tamm are just wonderful fun to listen to.

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