Season 15


Horror of Fang Rock is another of my favourites.  Terrance Dicks writes a cracking story and we get to see a Rutan. A story which only The Doctor and Leela make it out of alive. The characters are sketched out well to make us sympathise or hate them and the studio bound setting is suitably claustrophobic.
Invisible Enemy is next and we get the debut of K9, another thing that polarises fandom. Personally I don’t mind it though I agree with some that it removes the need for The Doctor to think his way out of trouble sometimes. The production looks notably cheaper than what we’ve been used to over the previous three seasons but there’s some good stuff but the less said about the giant prawn the better!
Image of the Fendahl takes us back to Hinchcliffe Who and is a wonderful and atmospheric story full of good beliveable characters who you actually believe are real and a end of the world type menace that feels genuinely threataning.
The Sunmakers is another Robert Holmes script and it’s a belter full of humour and wit. The roof scenes were filmed in my neck of the woods too, my aunt actually had  worked there,  although the building is long gone.
Underworld is  one of those stories that has a great first episode followed by some not so great episodes. The completely cso scenes were a brave attempt by the production team and would’ve been more forgiveable on a better story.
Invasion of Time rounds things off with a return to Gallifrey and The Doctor apparently turned evil which Tom makes seem totally beliveable (not all the Doctor’s could pull this off) and just when we think its over after the tin foil monsters are defeated look who arrives- cockney Sontarans!  Again this is a fun story and it rattles along.

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