Season 14


Season 14 is regarded by most fans as the high point of the show, everything seems to have clicked, a definitive Doctor accompanied by iconic companions with stories made by a top production team. There isn’t a bad story in the bunch and things start with Masque of Mandragora and a visit to renaissance Italy via Portmerion. Trips into history at this point in the show’s history are always nice as they’ve become rarer. There’s a group of good characters and the mandragora threat feels real.
Sarah Jane departs next in Hand of Fear, a nice little story that puts Sarah at its heart (another example of the classic series doing this, take note Moffat haters! ) The scenes with her possession are effective and the female Eldrad is a great villaness. Also the first present day Earth story with no UNIT presence in a long time is very refreshing.
The Deadly Assassin follows, a suberb political thriller that shows exactly why The Doctor ran away from Gallifrey. Some fans hated it at the time because it took the mystery away from the timelords but to me it makes perfect sense when watching in context. Tom is suberb and The  corpse like Master is suitably creepy
Leela debuts next in Face of Evil, a great story that’s one of the few to explore the aftereffects of The Doctor’s visits. The whole story is his fault. The image of his face in the rocks still feels striking and the “who am I?” cliffhanger is one of my favourites.
The Robots of Death is next and is another of those mid 80’s video releases meaning I’m very familiar with the story but I love it. A great story full of good characters and creepy robots. By not trying to be obviously futuristic in the design it’s stopped it feeling dated.
Talons of Weng Chiang closes both the season and Phillip Hinchcliffe’s producership and does so in style. It never feels overlong and there’s not a bad line in it. The rat looks a bit cuddly but is on screen for so little time it’s very easy to overlook. Every performance is wonderful even down to tbe bit parts.
I should also mention the new TARDIS control room, the first radical redesign and I really like it, just a shame we only see it for this season.

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