Season 13


Onto the thirteenth season and the show is really hitting its stride and contains my favourite story.
Terror of the Zygons kicks things off and we have another unit story but this feels very much like the Doctor is a visitor rather than part of unit. The Zygons are wonderful creations, they look and sound unique with a great performance from John Woodnutt as Broton. The story zips along and even the puppet skarasen can be forgiven with such a strong story. We lose Harry at the conclusion which is a shame as he worked well with Sarah and The Doctor.
Planet of Evil is next and its another cracker. The jungle set is wonderful and the anti-matter monster looks great. The story is full of great performances with beliveable characters.
Next  comes Pyramids of Mars and thanks to perpetual renting of the video back when I was 10 (why my father eventually bought it as he reasoned that was a cheaper option! ) it’s still my favourite story even though I can probably still quote huge chunks of it. It has a good cast and is directed very well. Tom and Liz are on top form too and there’s some good death scenes with the mummies being very effective.
The Android Invasion is probably the weakest of the season but is still a very enjoyable story. Terry Nation knows how to structure a story and he knows how to create a suspenseful first episode,  feel it’s a shame he didn’t do more Dalekless stories.
The Brain of Morbius is another I am familiar with due to the eighties  video release. Phillip Madoc is a great villan and he and Tom work well together. The story is enjoyable enough and has some good dialogue.  The “can you spare a glass of water” line always makes me chuckle.
The Seeds of Doom concludes the season with another body mutation story as the plants take over. The decision to effectively have a two part prologue to the main story works well and means it never feels overlong. Harrison Chase is another well created villan who becomes wonderfully unhinged.

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