Season 12


So we begin the Tom Baker years and I must admit that as my first Doctor he just slightly edges the other eleven Doctors into second place as my favourite.  I’m sure most fans feel the same about whoever was in the role when they began watching. Tom is one of the actors who played the Doctor that livens up every story he’s in even when they’re a bit weaker than others.
Robot kicks the era off and they wisely show the new Doctor having a very familiar feeling adventure, basically Tom has to deal with a Pertwee story that you feel the third doctor would’ve breezed through. It’s a good story and the robot is effective though the less said about the toy tank the better. We also get Harry Sullivan’s debut and he makes a good addition.
Ark in Space is next and this is where the era kicks off and begins a golden age of the show. The plot is Alien several years early and the horrific nature of the threat immediately stakes out the new direction. Tom’s speech about humans is great and it’s amazing how quickly his character is formed.
Sontaran Experiment is a nice little two parter and looks great. There’s a good performance from the main trio and The Sontaran is a sadistic little bugger
Genesis of the Daleks follows and is rightly seen as a classic, it never feels overlong and Davros is a brilliant creation (though one I feel shouldn’t have returned) and is totally beliveable as a scientist who will do anything to achieve his ends even genocide. The Daleks are used well and more in the background untill they assert self control. I do like the theory I’ve seen that this is basically the start of the time war.
Revenge of the Cybermen ends things and is one I have a large nostalgia for based on the summer of 1985 when it was one of the handful of videos available so it got rented a lot.  The 10 year old me loved it and rewatching it is always pleasant, whilst it’s not the strongest story there’s some nice stuff in it and the Voga scenes look wonderful thanks to Wookey Hole.

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