Season 11


This season sees the introduction of Sarah Jane, probably the most iconic companion in the show’s history. My theory on this is that she got two generations of fans during the orginal run (during transmission then in the mid 80’s through the much watched videos, of the dozen releases 8 were Sarah stories also coupled with the US and Australia showing the 70’s stories the most)
The Time Warrior introduces her and does a great job, she’s a strong character and her reactions to the strangeness around her are believable.  The past Earth setting is a welcome change too. The story introduces The Sontarans and Linx is a great character, it’s easy to see why they brought them back quickly.
Invasion of the Dinosaurs is next and is a good story, just ignore the rubbish dinosaurs and concentrate on the script and performances. The first scenes of the deserted London are particularly effective and eirrie.  We also get the Mike Yates revelation showing some character development and a story arc many years before they became fashionable.
Death to the Daleks follows and it’s another Nation special but the idea of powerless Daleks at least tries to do something else with them and the city looks great but it’s nothing special and can never live up to that wonderful Target book cover.
Monster of Peladon gives us a sequel to Curse but dosen’t live up to it’s predecessor and it’s a shame they show the Ice Warriors being bad again. The less said about the miners wigs the better!
Pertwee bows out with Planet of the Spiders and feels very much like the end of the era touching on many of the greatest hits of the era. We have UNIT, car chases, gadgets and some Pertwee morals with even a mention of Jo. It feels right for his swansong and the idea of his thirst for knowledge being his undoing feels right for this Doctor. It’s not a story I think is wonderful but it is enjoyable.
So ends Jon Pertwee’s era and watching it in order isn’t the best way for me to enjoy the era  as a lot of it feels unvaried despite there being many good stories.  However the upside of this was I enjoyed some of the space stories more than I normally do.

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