Season 10


It’s time for a anniversary as the show reaches it’s tenth year and we get a celebration with both Patrick Troughton and William Hartnell returning for Tge Three Doctors and how wonderful it is to see them again. Even Hartnell’s small role is appreciated and the interplay between Troughton and Pertwee is wonderful with Troughton completely upstaging Pertwee and there’s some wonderful scenes with The Brigadier. Fittingly for a anniversary story we learn a bit more about The Doctor’s background and meet Omega, a tragic deranged  figure who just wants to go home. This story is so enjoyable even with the shambling jelly monsters!
Carnival of Monsters is next and is a big favourite of mine. Robert Holmes gives us a excellent story and we get another alien planet and the miniscope gives us Drashigs, a good one off monster who actually look reasonably convincing. There’s good design work too especially when The Doctor and Jo are wandering around inside the machine.
Frontier in Space follows and we get a future set space opera that I quite like despite it being a series of capture-imprison-escape scenes. The Draconians are a very well realised alien race, they look good and are fully rounded characters. It’s a shame we didn’t get them back. This is also Roger Delgado’s last apperance as The Master before his untimely death and he’s as good as normal though sadly just fades away.
Planet of the Daleks or as I like to call it Terry Nation’s Greatest Hits comes next but theres nothing wrong with that and it feels comfortable watching and after all this was made to be watched once by  children unlikely to have watched during Hartnell’s time. Strange that this was the story BBC 1 chose to repeat for the 30th anniversary though!
The Green Death is the finale of the season and gives us a pure UNIT story for the first time in a while and you can see why it’s so fondly remembered.  It’s a cracking story with a good beliveable menace in both the amoral company, it’s owners and the maggots and we get to see Jo really come into her own as she moves on from The Doctor. That last shot of The Doctor in Bessie driving off is beautiful too. This story feels very similar to the season finales we get today, more proof that the older series could do emotional and epic stories too.

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