Season 9


Season 9 is fortunately a bit more varied with the only completely present day story not having UNIT in and The Master is also only used twice.
Day of the Daleks kicks things off and it’s a great story tackling the idea of time travel which isn’t done that often during the orginal 26 year series (Space Musuem is the only previous story I can think of) The future setting is something new to see and The Ogrons are a good alien race  and it’s good to see the Daleks back though the battle scenes make the fact there are only three of them but I first watched this on video in the 80’s and my younger self didn’t care about that (I will note that the dvd version improves this and is done very well )
Curse of Peladon comes next and we get another alien planet with a well rounded civillisation and a good group of aliens including The Ice Warriors who wrong foot us all by being the good guys. The story rattles along and I really enjoy seeing Pertwee’s Doctor away from Earth.
The Sea Devils is the fully Earthbound story and serves as a sequel to The Silurians and makes it three cracking stories in a row. The Master is in prison and very believably is in charge and plotting to shaft the humans. The Sea Devils look good even in their string vests and the use of the Royal Navy gives the show a suitably epic feel.
The Mutants follows and isn’t as bad as its reputation.  It’s got quite a good script and some good direction but some of the acting is poor.
The Time Monster ends things and The Master’s back up to more shannigans that backfire including trapping a god that looks like a bird and buggering up Atlantis. It feels very much like a end of season pantomine but is strangely watchable.
Definitely a improvement on the previous season. Variety of stories is the strength of Dr Who and it’s good to have it back 

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