Season 8


Season 8 continues the earthbound theme with a noticeably softer UNIT and the introduction of The Master played wonderfully by Roger Delgado with the right mixture of charm, wit and meglomania.
Terror of the Autons kicks things off and is a more colourful cartoony version of Spearhead but I like it and it has some good death scenes particularly the chair. Jo is suitably ditzy and easy to warm to but Liz is missed. Yet another companion who just vanishes.
Mind of Evil comes next and has clearly escaped from season 7. It’s a lovely gritty thriller with a great cast and a good central threat as people’s fears are turned against them. The Master fits in well too. Also what a joy to finally watch this in colour when the dvd was released.
Claws of Axos follows and its bristling with ideas. The Axons look good and their plot to play on mans greed is inspired and very easy to believe and oh look here’s The Master again and he’s in over his head again!
Colony in Space is a story I’ve never been overly keen on but watching the series chronologically I’m glad to see it as it’s good to get off Earth and away from UNIT( after   39 episodes), variety is the spice of life. The story isn’t anything orginal  but it just feels right seeing The Doctor on a alien planet, unfortunately including The Master is just predictable and so unlikely it streches credibility.
We conclude with the fan favourite The Daemons and it’s a cracking story. The regulars are all on form as are the guests.  Azael is a good credible threat and The Master feels a natural part of the story.

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