Season 7


So we reach the Pertwee era and he comes crashing down to Earth with Spearhead from Space. Unlike Troughton’s debut The new doctor takes a back seat in the first episode and The Brigadier is the lead character. It’s such a good story that you don’t notice and once The Doctor gets involved he’s centre of the action. The Autons are great villans and are suitably menacing.
The Silurians are next and are another beliveable race. It’s a great story full of great characters who are fully rounded and have understandable motives. It never feel overlong and the London plague scenes are done very well.
The Ambassadors of Death also is a good story once again populated by good characters. I love the music on this story and parts of the story feel like a gritty 70’s cop show. The dvd was the first time I saw this in colour and it was strange after so many years watching my ropey black and white ukgold copy. B&W suited this story but I must say the job the dvd guys do on the restorations are wonderful and Dr Who fans are so lucky to have this much care and attention put into them.
Inferno rounds the season off and it’s another cracker once again full of great characters and a beliveable menace. Frackers beware!
The direction on location is beautifully bleak and eirrie. The alternative reality characters are also realised well and we get a genuine end of the world scenario for once.
Season 7 remains a firm favourite despite it being the most unWhoish season because it has strong scripts that are realised on screen wonderfully.

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