Season 6: The Dominators-Invasion


Season 6 does have a bit more variety than its predecessor but starts with The Dominators which unfortunately is just boring.  The villans are just one note morons and the natives are dull. The Quarks are a silly attempt to create a cash cow and as such fail miserably. Thankfully the production team cut it by a episode.
The other benefit of that cut is it necessitated a extra episode to be added to The Mind Robber and Derrick Sherwin’s Episode 1 is just wonderful full of great imagery particularly the void and the TARDIS breaking up. The other 4 episodes are also good and rattle along nicely with some lovely interplay between the three regulars especially Zoe who becomes a much warmer character here.
Invasion is next and this has been a big favourite of mine since I first saw the video back in ’93. This is very much the pilot for the Pertwee era and we get a Lethbridge-Stewart who’s a bit softer than previously but still very much in charge. Kevin Stoney gives a great performance as Vaughn just staying the right side of OTT. The Cybermen are far in the background but better and more menacing for it. Those iconic shots at St Pauls still look marvellous and you can see why the last Capaldi series wanted to recreate them.

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