Season 5: Enemy of the World-The Wheel in Space


The next two stories were still missing until very recently when in a flurry of publicity they were put on itunes and we all got a chance to see more Troughton, dvd releases followed. Who among us thought these would be the final dvd releases?
Enemy on audio had always been one I’d enjoyed but getting the visuals simply elevated the story to new heights. It’s so different to the stories around it which is very welcome when doing a chronological rewatch. Those early  beach and helicopter scenes are wonderful and set the epic tone early that you stop noticing how studio bound the rest is, instead getting caught up with the political intrigue. Troughton shows what a amazing actor he is. Watch the differences  not just between The Doctor and Salamander but also the subtle differences when he plays The Doctor inpersonating Salamander.
Web of Fear was also mostly returned and is a return to the base under siege template but is done so well and is genuinely creepy in places as the cast is whittled down along with a cracking street battle with The Yeti. Also we meet Lethbridge-Stewart for the first time who is far removed from his eventual portrayal but understandable as at the time viewers would’ve been wondering if he was part of the conspiracy.
Fury from the Deep follows and sadly this is a story completely missing but again follows the template and gives us another good story that rattles along well full of some good creepy moments.
Wheel in Space rounds the season off and oh dear this one is a struggle to get through. The Cybermen have lost their menace and this feel very much like the ideas have run out. Zoe makes a  decent first impression as Victoria’s replacement though.

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