Ten Years Later


Can you remember  this week back in 2005? Bet you can. We were all eagerly counting down the hours untill 7pm on Saturday. Every time I went through my local town centre there were posters and billboards like the one above and I lost count of how many times I saw the “You wanna come with me” trailer. My workmates who’d been fully aware of my love for the show were asking questions and saying how good it looked.
Then came that Saturday. I was still married at the time and my daughter was 5. We’d moved the week before and the place was a bit of a wreck but I stopped for both the prelaunch documentary and the episode.
I sat there certain it was going to be good but unsure what my daughter would think, very aware that it was her generation that had to love the show to get it beyond a single series.
Happily she did like it as did many of her schoolfriends and by the next series they were all watching.
Russell. T. Davies made the perfect show and 100% did the correct thing in not making it for the fans but for the general public. Some fans (wrongly) decry the addition of family members but it’s necessary to make us care about Rose and would’ve been more glaring if her disappearance wasn’t commented on and it gives us a different perspective on the havoc The Doctor leaves in his wake.
Finally the casting of Chris Eccleston is a masterstroke. We have a excellent serious actor who’s casting puts all those light entertainment personality suggestions to bed. So what if he only does one series? (Personally I think RTD always considered a one season doctor as a possibility if they got a big name actor)
Again some fans moan (wrongly) about this and also his reluctance to get involved with fandom or talk in interviews about the show but that’s Chris. He rarely talks about his past work and dosen’t do multiple seasons in roles. However stories surface on the net of fans running into him who all say he’s warm and polite to them. I would also remind older fans that Tom Baker similarly distanced himself for over a decade.
In closing I think it’s wonderful that the relaunch is still here ten years later and picking new fans up all the time. We’ve had four great Doctor’s and there doesn’t seem to be a end in sight. In truth how many of us back this time in 2005 thought we’d have had such a decade?

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