Season 4: The Moonbase-Evil of the Daleks


Just four stories later the Cybermen return in what is basically a rewrite of their first story but on the moon. Troughton is more serious here than previously and he works well like this. The Cybermen are redesigned and are effective but I think they lose some of that initial creepiness they had. As for their idea to poison the sugar to get rid of the crew leaves a bit to be desired in effectiveness,  perhaps they removed common sense along with their emotions.  I should also mention the dvd here and the animation is good and a nice way to watch the story.
The Macra Terror comes next and is another base under siege story this time fron giant crabs. I found it a bit of a trudge to get through even with the recon, maybe the moving pictures would help.
The Faceless Ones on the other hand is one I enjoy and its good to see present day Earth, still a rarity at this point. The scenes around the airport runway are great and feel epic in scope. The villans are good too with Donald Pickering doing a very good creepy turn matched by a good performance from Pauline Collins as the almost companion.  Jamie also comes into his own though it’s sad to see Ben and Polly get sidelined and treated as a afterthought.
The season concludes with Evil of the Daleks, this story is often hailed as the best Dalek story and I agree its excellent but I do prefer Power. The characters are well drawn and acted brilliantly, everything makes sense and the childlike human infected Daleks are strange to see but again is something new done with them. The story sags a little in the middle and its reputation is probably because of the epic finale as the Daleks descend into civil war which is done brilliantly and watching the show chronologically it feels like its the end of the Dalek story.

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