Season 4: Power of the Daleks- The Underwater Menace


So it’s time for Patrick Troughton’s Doctor. Fortunately he’s a fantastic actor and makes it easy to like his Doctor. As many have stated he had the hardest job being the first replacement actor.
Power of the Daleks is his debut story and it’s a cracker and quite possibly the best Dalek story. Here they get to be sneaky and manipulative, something new for them as they slowly take over the colony.
What’s amazing and brave is that no attempt is made to convince the companions and by proxy the viewers that this is still The Doctor and  everything will be fine. Having said that by the end of the story he firmly feels right.
The recon I watched was very well done but it’s such a shame that this pivotal story is missing from the archives.
Next comes The Highlanders and the end of the pure historicals which I still feel is a shame (I do think the new series has built up enough of a fanbase that a historical with no aliens could be done and liked). The story rattles along nicely and it’s intresting to see Troughton still feeling his way into the part
We also get the debut of Jamie arguably the most iconic of the 60’s companions and one who is always fun to watch.
The Underwater Menace follows and Episode 2 is the first surviving episode (even if most  haven’t seen it yet as the dvd is stuck in limbo). The story is barking mad and if you watch it in the right frame of mind it’s highly enjoyable especially the infamous “nothing in ze world can stop me now”

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