Season 3: Galaxy Four- The Daleks Masterplan


Moving onto Season 3 and unfortunately much of it is still  missing from the archives but fortunately the audio’s remain and there are some great recons around.
Galaxy Four begins things and thanks to a missing episode find we do have one of the episodes (put on The Aztecs Special Edition dvd with a recon of the other 3 ) Whilst it’s quite a slight story it’s still enjoyable and feels very 60’s.
Mission to the Unknown comes next, a gritty tale of Daleks (wiping our memories of the more comedic Daleks of The Chase)  perparing a invasion with not a sniff of The Doctor in it. It feels very much like a Dalek pilot episode and it feels a shame we didn’t get that (wonder why they’ve not done this in the last decade? )
The Myth Makers comes next and another recon and I love this story, Donald Cotton writes a good story with some good lines and it’s full of great characters and laced with humour giving way to some dark moments as characters meet their fate including Vicki who departs. It’s a shame to see her go and I preferred her to Susan though perhaps she got a lucky escape considering what happened to her replacement!
Next is the mega epic Daleks Masterplan clocking in at 12 episodes (only three surviving at present) Surprisingly it sustains itself and the stakes feel high due in no part to the death of Katarina who you’d expect to live being a companion. It must’ve been truly shocking back in 1965. The Daleks here are thoroughly ruthless and they feel like a completely credible threat. Mavic Chen is a great character too, a smarmy politician with delusions of adequacy who’s happy to sell everyone out for power. We also have the nearly companion of Sara Kingdom played brilliantly by Jean Marsh who I really wish had stayed on but unfortunately she also meets her death in a harrowing final episode.

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