Season 2: The Web Planet-The Time Meddler


The series continues with The Web Planet, a brave attempt to do a  story with no human guest characters inventing a planet and its species and all on a 1960’s budget! The story has a reputation of being boring (the worst kind of criticism I think) and it can be a bit of a trudge if you do it in one go. I recommend 1-2 episodes per go and this makes it a bit better to digest!
The Crusades is next and what a story. The acting is excellent and the script is wonderful. While the production team may struggle to convince us we’re on Vortis they excell during the historicals. Such a shame two episodes are still missing.
The Space Musuem does “timey-wimey” (how I hate that phrase!! ) over 40 years before Blink with a genuinely creepy and excellent first episode that unfortunately gives way to three very formulaic and boring three episodes with not one guest actor giving a decent performance.
The Daleks return in The Chase and this time they can travel in time hunting The Doctor. It’s quite a silly story and the Daleks lose quite a lot of their menace but it rattles along and is at least never boring. The Mechanoids are a clear attempt to emulate Dalekmania but have none of tge appeal. The story ends with Ian and Barbra returning home and I was sad to see them go, two very well rounded characters whose reactions on being thrust into a strange world were very believable.  With their departure The Doctor firmly becomes the main character and does seem to become a bit more heroic.
The Time Meddler closes the season with the first pseudo historical and we meet another of the Doctor’s race and this one while not evil is certainly more amoral than The Doctor. Peter Butterworth is excellent, He sparks off Hartnell wonderfully and its such a pity he didn’t return more than once. Another thoroughly enjoyable story too.

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