Season 1: Keys of Marinus-Reign of Terror


Keys of Marinus wasn’t shown on ukgold during the first few years they broadcast the series back in the early nineties due to them not being allowed to show Terry Nation or Dalek stories and it didn’t get a video release untill the late nineties so it remained one of the few Hartnell’s that was tantalisingly unseen for some time so I think the anticipation helped because unlike many fans I really enjoy it. The regulars are all on form and theres a clear camaraderie between the characters. The six episodes fly by and there are some good scenes such as the brains in jars and the murder mystery and a quite near the knuckle scene with Barbra barely avoiding being assulted.
The Aztecs comes next and this is one of the high points of the show with Barbra taking centre stage (proof to the anti-Moffat brigade that Clara being a lead isn’t unique) Jacqueline Hill proves what a great actress she is seizing on the rich script and John Ringham is suitably arch as the main villan and one who wins. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched this story.
Next is The Sensorites and I’m afraid popular fan opinion of it being a bit boring is spot on, though the first episode is suitably creepy on the space ship including a nice shot of the regulars walking from TARDIS set to spaceship set. Also to answer a Steven Moffat question in a past DWM this is the first story where its stated The Doctor is a alien (Susan is asked by a Elder if they are from Earth and she says she and the dr aren’t)
Last up is Reign of Terror and another good historical. Dennis Spooner writes good characters and theres humour laced through the script which hasn’t always been apparant in the show up to this point.
A great season and you can see why it caught on and why William Hartnell was so popular, He’s a far more versatile and talented actor than many give him credit for. A pity he often gets written off.

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