Removing the trolls or How I started loving Twitter again.


Towards the end of last year while the first Capaldi series was airing twitter became a place I stopped enjoying. My bio mentions my three main fandoms of comics, Arsenal and of course Dr Who and the first two have always given me great twitter interactions but I was finding there was a small but very vocal part of Doctor Who fans that were just relentlessly negative bordering on hateful especially against anyone who didn’t agree and join in with them so I went through my list and unfollowed them all.
Twitter now a complete pleasure again where I can chat with all the lovely Who fans and even have friendly debates some of which have even make me change my mind about stories. After all we can all like diferent things!
The reason I mention this is because of today’s spoiler news about the next series and how nice it was to log on to twitter and see no vile hatred about it or Steven Moffat even from people who weren’t overly excited. I then made the mistake of reading comments on facebook and am very happy I got rid of them all.
Best thing I did 🙂

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