Season 1 : The Daleks – Marco Polo


The Daleks is the story that secured the future of Doctor Who as Dalekmania swept the UK and its one I quite enjoy even if its a tad overlong.
There’s a great first episode as the four regulars explore, still so unsure of each other. Hartnell’s Doctor is still a rude and crafty old bugger but we start to see more flashes of The Doctor he becomes. Then we get that classic cliffhanger with the screaming Barbra before the next episode reveals The Daleks. How amazing that must have been back in 1963 to see these amazingly designed creatures.
Edge of Destruction comes next and it’s a favourite of mine, a nice character piece that pulls all the moments from the previous stories playing on their paranoia and ending with them reaching a understanding. Hartnell gives that great speech at the console perfectly again proving how underrated he is.
Marco Polo follows and for the first time I watched the recon instead of just listening to the audio. It’s a wonderfully rich story full of great characters.The regulars feel more like fellow travellers now. The recon uses a great range of images. Don’t know why I resisted them for so long, they really enhance the audio and sadly it’s the nearest we can get to watching it at the moment.

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