Season 1 : An Unearthly Child


A couple of months ago I began a chronological rewatch of Doctor Who (currently up to The War Games) and for the first time used the recons for the missing episodes.
Season 1 is one of my favourites as is William Hartnell’s Doctor. I would’ve watched the first story with the 1981 repeat but the rest would’ve been watched in the 90’s with the videos or ukgold showings.
The first episode is still a excellent piece of television and it’s no wonder that the 2005 uses it as a template for the relaunch. Everything is told through the eyes of Ian and Barbra as they are thrust into this amazing situation. The Doctor is a nasty old bugger, a true alien with no empathy for humans who he considers beneath him but I must admit I quite  like him!
The following three episodes are often dismissed by a lot of fans as being substandard filler while we wait for the arrival of the Daleks but I really like them. They fill out the characters of the four main characters and begin the humanising of The Doctor and it’s a nice story about survival. (both the tribe’s and the time travellers).
Episode 2 also has some of my favourite dialogue in Hartnell’s alien skies speech.
I can’t finish without mentioning Delia Derbyshire’s realisation of the theme tune, it’s a thing of beauty and hasn’t been bettered since, the fact she’s not more highly regarded is just wrong.
Right that’s the lot, To be continued with the rest of Season 1.

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