Me and Who


I became a fan towards the end of Tom Baker’s time. My father was a sci-fi fan so watched it if he was around so it was always there.  I can remember Tom running around Paris and Daleks but started watching because I wanted to with Season 18. Some of it undoubtedly went over my head but Tom Baker, a talking cactus, vampires and creatures coming out of marshes were enough to keep my attention.
I think though the moment that turned me into a fan though was the end of Logopolis and the regeneration,  It blew my young mind that this character didn’t die but changed into someone new.
My father then told me there had been other Doctor’s and later that year I eagerly lapped up The Five Faces repeat season.
I watched everything during the 80’s on transmission and also the few video’s that were released. My father even bought Pyramids of Mars (£40 back then) for Christmas one year as he reasoned I made him rent it so much that was cheaper!
I spent the 90’s catching up with the stories  from the first four doctor’s through repeats and the videos.
Just when I thought there was nothing new along came the Russell T Davis relaunch with the wonderful Chris Eccleston and my favourite little show became this massive success and happily one I still really love.

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